Cat Sweater

What is going on here, is this a blog post, I don’t even?!?! But yeah I had a lot of fun at the Chapter Four event in SL so I wanted to make a picture and then some stuff happened but when I logged in I was still wearing this outfit! And I wished other people could see how cute I am. So.

I bought So Many Things which is funny because I only went there for ONE thing (isn’t that how it always goes?) and ended up buying a bunch. I did at least get the one thing I wanted (Pocket Pets) but am not featuring that in this post because I’m capricious like that. #yolo


So like, the whole reason I am posting this here instead of just leaving it on flickr is so I could put credits and stuff but now I feel lazy. I will try, though, for you, the one reader I have left. (Hint: it’s me)

Glasses: Reek (no longer available)
Hair: Lamb (C88)
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer (C88)
Sweater: Moon (Chapter 4)
Jeans: Monso
Hands & Feets: SLink
Backpack: Fashionably Dead (no longer available)
Shoes: Half Deer (Chapter 4 – I have extras, ask me!)
Pose: Shapan! (Chapter 4)


come as you are

I’m going through a really rough patch in le first life right now, and I think I want to babble on that a little. But first I want to show off this super cool hair I got today from new store Liquence! Everyone has been gushing over the wavy/curly style (and I do love it, too), so I thought I would instead show off the other one. (There’s a men’s style too, but pfft, men. :P) I love this hair! It’s teased and rough and coarse and bleached and reminded me of 90’s grunge hair. It’s FANTASTIC. I wish I was wearing a plaid shirt and smoking weed while listening to Nirvana – it’s that grunge. (Maybe others will see this hair differently, as smooth and glam and fancy. Who knows!?) I didn’t do any editing, I thought this raw snap was just the thing to show the feeling this hair gives me.


Hair: New from Liquence
Hairbase: Liquence Subscriber Gift
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Dead Apples
Lashes: FTL
Jeans: Monso
Pose: LAP

Now some babbling about real life. Those who follow me on plurk have probably heard that last week I was in a serious car accident with a drunk driver. I emerged more or less whole and healthy. I’m very bruised, I have a headache that won’t quit, my muscles are sore, my car is totaled but replaceable, and I feel bad BUT at least I didn’t break anything and I am not dead.

And yet.

I have this debilitating fear of going back to my life. I’m scared of work, I’m scared of driving at night, I’m avoiding my family even more than I already did. All I want to do is stay in my bedroom and do nothing. I force myself to play WoW or SL or watch Fringe or read because if I don’t I will do nothing. And doing nothing is not a ME thing to do. I am not a nothing doer, I am always wanting to do something. I love my job, I love driving, I love WoW, I love DOING. But I feel totally done in. I feel sorry for myself. I feel sad. I feel anxious. Today I got sent home from work because I couldn’t stop crying. I had terrible anxiety and could barely breathe on the drive over, and being there did not improve the situation. I don’t feel at all like my strong capable self. Normally when bad/hard things happen I just roll with it and compartmentalize and do what needs to be done because that’s life. Now for some reason I feel crippled. Not physically but emotionally, mentally. I don’t feel safe and I don’t feel right. And so. That’s all I guess. I hope I can snap back to the old me by Monday because I can’t hide from my life forever.

What’s Your Digits? 2013 Edition

It’s fun to participate in something that has become ‘annual.’ Makes me feel kind of connected to the world of Second Life, where I so often feel disconnected and lonely. :P  Here I am doing What’s Your Digits Take 3 by Strawberry Singh!

When it comes to shapes, I am definitely a creature of habit. Though my Bunny Blindside avatar shape is brand new created less than a month ago, she has many shared digits with my shapes on the Buffy Faith avatar in both 2011 and 2012. To me they look very different, but I guess numbers don’t lie – the more things change, the more they stay the same! The biggest change for me, by far, is height. I used to be pretty short (by SL standards) but my partner’s shape is really tall and so to fit better in couple’s poses I have become taller over time. And I’m much more svelte than I used to be, because mesh favors that.



1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? I’ve never looked at a proportions average when making my shapes. I just make what looks good. Looking proportionate does matter to me. I try to do what I think looks most natural.

2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh?  The lumpiness and harsh angles around the nose and eyes/brow areas.

3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? I get irked when people’s shapes are out of proportion in a non-fantasy way. Like, if someone wants to look like an anime character, that’s adorable. If someone is stuck in 2005 and their eye sockets are as big as a house so that no matter how large of an eye size you wear, it never touches the edges of your eye socket, I feel judgey and annoyed. :P Also that FREAKISHLY HUGE THIGH GAP?  I know you want to have big curvy hips and I think that’s hot, but there’s a lot more to that than just setting your hip slider to 100… >.> People that have not explored how sliders work together/against each other grind my gears, but I know that’s because I’m an obsessive personality and people that don’t do their research (yes, even in video games *rolleyes*) annoy me – I’m a jerk, I know.


My 2011 Digits

4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average?  I think everyone is free to design their avatar as they see fit. There are many that I see, that I know if they only tried a little harder or learned a little more about how SL works they could achieve a far better iteration of the look they are seeking. Trying to help these people almost always ends badly, so I don’t bother anymore.

(cruel) summer!

Cruel Summer – Bananarama

I had a lot of fun doing shopping in Second Life today and putting together a look that screamed summer.  And trust me it is always a cruel summer in my bedroom. *is so hot >.<* (Not as cruel as Bananarama’s outfits. Even for then, they were bad! :P)


I managed to use items both old and new, which is great fun! It’s been awesome to revisit my inventory (until last week, nothing in it was newer than October 2010) and find that certain things are still relevant and useful today. Like this hair. Oh em gee, this hair. Was one of my abso faves ever from Truth. It’s so big, it’s so divalicious, and the attached orchids… swoon. I’m pretty sure it’s no longer available?! So yeah I’m glad I have it. Ditto on my poses in this pose – the Red Carpet Diva set from Long Awkward Pose, sadly also no longer available. ANYHOODLE, I am done talking because my ankle and foot are hurting so bad. (I fell down the stairs because of a dog that is not even mine, yo!)

Hair: Truth
Skin: Glam Affair
Lips: Glam Affair (cosmetics fair!)
Teeth: Deetalez
Earrings: Auxilliary (C88)
Dress: Valentina E (faMESHed)
Clutch: BOOM
Feet: SLink
Shoes: Leverroci
Pose: LAP

Virtual Slebrity – Blog Meme Challenge Thingie

I couldn’t wait to do the Monday Meme put forth by Strawberry Singh this week! I knew immediately what I would want to do, and exactly how I would do it. I love when things come together like that! Almost Famous was one of the first movies my partner and I watched together, and now that we have come together in real life (squee!) I like looking back at how things were for us back then when things were shiny and new. Also, I have always considered myself  ‘almost (not really) famous’ in Second Life. I always seemed to be friends with fancy people, but no one ever noticed me. Mostly, like William in the movie, I am okay with that. Without further ado, my response to this week’s challenge:

Sometimes I think I live in a different world.


Inspiration Here


Back to Basics, v2.0

One of my last blog posts was titled ‘Back to Basics’ a la Xtina, and basically it was me babbling an apology after being a heinous bitch in public (which I really never do, it was an aberration, I swear) and showing off a much beloved basic outfit that I might wear when just hanging out. I picked up some really fun basics from a new-to-me store today so I thought that would be a nice memory lane tie-in.


I had a blast playing the Arcade this morning and trading some cool stuff back and forth. I love the Lulu skin from Glam Affair, it gives me such incredible bitchface that I feel like I could kick some ass without breaking a sweat. Ditto on the outfit! I found this shirt via this blog [Jill Narstrom] and it looked like a perfect casual t-shirt for every day. I ended up getting my pants at the same store, and I love this outfit overall. So simple yet so ass-kickery! I look like a cool video game character, or as my partner pointed out, Faith the Vampire Slayer. And that’s totally five-by-five!

Hair: Truth – Candy (New!)
Skin: Glam Affair  – Lulu (The Arcade)
Eyes: Ikon – Lucid
Shirt: Ronsem
Pants: Ronsem
Bracelets: BOOM – Friendship Bracelets (The Arcade)
Shoes: 2REAL – Pure (same shoes worn in my first back to basics post!)
Poses: Glitterati

Rebooting Your SLife

Oh. Hello there, gentle viewers! *puts down crack tobacco pipe*


It’s been about two and a half years since my last post here, and in that time, so much has happened that trying to explain it all would be exhausting, and as far as reading it? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I have a plan to document, over a couple posts coming soon™, the evolution of my time in Second Life since my last post here. Sure, there have been other blogs. There was a tumblr, and a group blog, a blog where I guested, and a whole lot of Flickr ‘micro-blogging’ – but none of these venues ever felt like home, and never captured what I felt like I had here on The Bunny Girl. This was my soapbox, my pride and joy, the culmination of all my false starts and stumbles through Second Life. I took great inspiration from JuicyBomb, Alicia Chenaux, and Strawberry Singh. I didn’t want to just blog about clothes. I wanted to editorialize. I wanted people to know me. I worked hard to develop an individual style (with pictures and with clothes), and sometimes that style was really, really, REALLY bad.

They say you can’t go back, you can never go home again, that looking over your shoulder makes you miss important fresh opportunities. They may be right about that.

I prefer to think that looking back can be helpful. Getting back to your roots can give you a fresh outlook, put you in touch with old friends, and even spark new opportunities that would have been missed by only looking forward. The past has a lot to teach us, and our home can reveal things about us that we had forgotten or never saw to begin with.

I look over my old entries on this blog and feel affectionate and a little exasperated towards three years ago me. She was a little dramatic, a little ridiculous, a little self-absorbed. (I am probably still all those things, but allow me some “I just turned 30” pomposity, please.) Three years ago me was scared and alone. Three years ago me did not use the Oxford Comma as faithfully as today me does!

This rambling does have a point, I think. I want to ‘Reboot My SLife’ and find new joy. I want to rediscover old hobbies and friends, and re-experience the things that made Second Life so magical for me back in the day. I am creeping up on five or maybe six years of second living now, and coming back to my favorite venue to discuss my continued adventures seems like nothing short of utter brilliance on my part. This blog is familiar, comfortable, old school, and I just plain like it.

Plus, this blog gets lots of hits from folks looking for bunny girl porn. =P