Cat Sweater

What is going on here, is this a blog post, I don’t even?!?! But yeah I had a lot of fun at the Chapter Four event in SL so I wanted to make a picture and then some stuff happened but when I logged in I was still wearing this outfit! And I wished other […]

come as you are

I’m going through a really rough patch in le first life right now, and I think I want to babble on that a little. But first I want to show off this super cool hair I got today from new store Liquence! Everyone has been gushing over the wavy/curly style (and I do love it, […]

What’s Your Digits? 2013 Edition

It’s fun to participate in something that has become ‘annual.’ Makes me feel kind of connected to the world of Second Life, where I so often feel disconnected and lonely. :P  Here I am doing What’s Your Digits Take 3 by Strawberry Singh! When it comes to shapes, I am definitely a creature of habit. Though […]

(cruel) summer!

Cruel Summer – Bananarama I had a lot of fun doing shopping in Second Life today and putting together a look that screamed summer.  And trust me it is always a cruel summer in my bedroom. *is so hot >.<* (Not as cruel as Bananarama’s outfits. Even for then, they were bad! :P) I managed […]

Virtual Slebrity – Blog Meme Challenge Thingie

I couldn’t wait to do the Monday Meme put forth by Strawberry Singh this week! I knew immediately what I would want to do, and exactly how I would do it. I love when things come together like that! Almost Famous was one of the first movies my partner and I watched together, and now […]

Back to Basics, v2.0

One of my last blog posts was titled ‘Back to Basics’ a la Xtina, and basically it was me babbling an apology after being a heinous bitch in public (which I really never do, it was an aberration, I swear) and showing off a much beloved basic outfit that I might wear when just hanging […]

Rebooting Your SLife

Oh. Hello there, gentle viewers! *puts down crack tobacco pipe* It’s been about two and a half years since my last post here, and in that time, so much has happened that trying to explain it all would be exhausting, and as far as reading it? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I have a […]