it’s closing time!

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog over the past year for supporting me and putting up with my bad photoshopping and failure to link slurls. =P

The time has come to close the door on the chapter of my SLife that was Bunny Blindside and the Bunny Girl blog. My Flickr account will remain open (though all past pictures have been removed) and I will try my hand at “micro blogging” when I have the time.  I have revived an old avatar to go forward with SLife and I hope that the fresh start will bring back the joy I have lost during the recent months.

Here’s wishing that 2011 is even more exciting, pleasurable, profitable and wonderful than any of us could possibly imagine.

Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Beginnings to One and All. =)

Signing Off,
Bunny Blindside


it’s snowing…

Gwen Stefani – Early Winter

Somewhere. I’m sure of it! But snow is something I know little to nothing about! Unlike SKINS about which I know a lot!

SEGUE!!! AMAZING!!!!! +200 Points!!! Proceed to next level, warrior!!!!!

Hah. Anyway, this new skin from Illusory (the new brand from the creator of much loved Atomic) is simply wonderful. The reddened winter nose, the soft kissable lips. It’s to die for. The Atomic trademarks are still there, but it’s softer, gentler, and imo, more every day wearable. This skin is just a preview of wonderful things to come from Illusory in the near future, and can be had in quite a few tones by visiting the Atomic main store.

Whippet & Buck, store of my heart, has just released the super layerable and cute on it’s own Liliana Cap Sleeve Blouse in a bunch of season appropriate colors. This one I’m wearing is named sepia but it reminds me of melted Hershey chocolate on the fingers of little kids. =)

I would say I miss the time I used to spend on SL, blogging (or trying to find something to blog) every day… but that would be a lie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how busy I am IRL. How full of promise things seem right now. I’m crazy busy this weekend and WoW Cataclysm drops on Tuesday so this is likely the last you’ll see of me until next weekend at the earliest. And while I don’t miss spending every day on SL, I DO miss my friends, and luxury shopping time, and time to play with Photoshop. WTB more hours in the day! xD


Skin – Illusory | Hair – Truth | Shirt – Whippet & Buck | Pose – LAP

a skin whore’s work is never done

I had a huuuuuge post planned for this. But then horrible stuff happened irl. So now you get the much abbreviated version.

I bought FOUR skins in the past week. FOUR!!! Terrible I know, but I just couldn’t resist. I love how I can go from sultry angry vixen to aloof orange county house wife to sad orphan waif to ethereal cheerful wood nymph with just the click of a skin! Nothing has changed aside from the skin in these four photos. Same brow shape, same shape, no tattoo layers or photoshopping. Just pure, delicious skintastical awesomeness.

And tragically un-noticed till now unrezzed eyelashes. -_-

If you click through to flickr you can look at each stunning and unique face right up close and personal. =) I want to pay special attention to the new Curio skin. It is SO different than all her skins of past days, and very different as well from her other new skin, Autumn. I think it is gorgeous, and though I have always been a massive Curio fan and own almost every line she’s released, I think this new direction is incredible and I hope she pursues it!

I also want to give a shout out to Glitterati, Katey just released an awesome new set of poses with minimal breakage and weirdness for vendor ads showcasing clothes and skins and such. I had planned to feature all the poses in this post but, that will have to come another day. Thanks for your patience all!

Edit: I decided to be less lazy and toss up the body shots I took with the new poses. Enjoy!

Glam Affair – Eva
LeLutka – Natasha
Curio – Yum
&Bean – Old Bones

Hair – Elikatira & Truth | Bra – Luck Inc | Shoes – LeLutka | Poses – Glitterati

anchors away!

Hey y’all! =P

Just a quickie tonight because my brain is fried and stuff. Fabulous new releases from Truth today and the adorable Anchored Frock from Whippet & Buck (available exclusively at their LeLook location)!

I feel quite patriotic. And only a week past Veteran’s Day. *salute*

Hair – Truth | Skin – &Bean | Dress – Whippet & Buck | Jacket – | Jeans – Armidi | Boots – COCO | Poses – GLITTERATI

PS I have re-activated my Plurk account… for now! A trial run to see if I can manage it anymore. I’ve been very busy, so we shall see!

back to basics

Hi there!

So based on my traffic and the searches used to find my blog lately… I gather I upset rather more people than anticipated by my abrupt plurk departure combined with over-dramatic blog post the other night.

I feel terrible about it. I am a fairly contained person, typically. Compartmentalized, private. It was wrong of me, wrong FOR me, to take to my blog in a fit of emo angst, and in doing so I hurt not only myself but others who are very dear to me.

I humbly apologize and beg forgiveness for that. I am also sorry to anyone who was worried about me doing something drastic and permanent. Fear not, it will never happen.

What I have been considering pretty seriously is quitting SL. It’s something I’ve blogged about before, something I’ve considered to various degrees before. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons, and while I am pretty sure I don’t want to quit, I do think I need to re-evaluate the time I spend here, and what I want from this virtual world. I still enjoy the fashion and the blogging – I think that should be my primary  focus from now on if I decide to stay.

Disabling my plurk was hard – I freely admit addiction to it, and my addiction to it feeds my lesser, more easily conquered addiction to SL. I still open the plurk page when I get up in the morning or any time I sit down at my computer, and I get sad when the “this user does not exist” page pops up. I think I’m going to leave it turned off for one full week. On Thursday I will re-evaluate it, decide if I want to resurrect it or not. I’m definitely an “achiever” type, not having reached 100 karma is pretty annoying to me. =P

I’m doing very well on the IRL front. My new job is a dream, I’ve been doing a lot of socializing and considering some big decisions about my future living arrangements. All in all, I feel much better about my IRL now, which makes my ISL seem a little less bleak. =P

I’m wearing some of my favorite things in SL in this picture. Getting back to the basics – an outfit you might see me in while I’m hanging with my friends or doing FLF. My 2REAL Pure sneakers, Gonzo Jeans from Fishy Strawberry (look at that smexy butt!), Raspberry Fluff layered sweater from Pig, and the Elly Beta from Pink Fuel. Also note amazing new hair from Truth (The back of it is so flowy and lovely). Poses are from Estetica. =)

naughty slacker!

Is me. Feast your ears on Xtina being extra naughty while you peruse this!

Did you guys hear that Christina Aguilera is starring in a MOVIE with CHER!!! Yes!! It’s called burlesque, and since I adore burlesque, Xtina, musicals, and movies about dancing – well you can bet your sweet bippy I will be there with bells on!

AND OMG! Can you believe it’s almost time for Skin and Shape Expo already?! Designers, Bloggers, Skin Whores and their friends. Start anticipating my personal favorite fair. =)

I says better late than never on me blogging these new releases from Truth. =P My favorite is Nina! (that’s the one on your left). Chantelle (on the right) looks awful on me but I show you anyway, because thats JOURNALISM, darlings! (lawl.)

I really like the new patterned release of the Rachelle Bustier from Whippet & Buck, but I find it a little too midriff baring for fall. Likewise the brand spankin new Talya top from The Plastik. I found layering them together kinda worked, and was a little less chilly. =P

I have been SOOPER busy and swamped by my new IRL business including expanding social life and OMG OMGOMOMGOMGOMGOMGG job of my dreams! xD So please pardon my brevity, slackeryness and general non presence in SL of late. I promise my interest is not waning, and once I get settled I will be back and ready for regular action!

Hair – Truth | Skin – Tuli | Jacket – Jane | Shirts – Whippet & Buck and The Plastik | Pose – Estetica

Here is the trailer for BURLESQUE btw. <3