it’s closing time!

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog over the past year for supporting me and putting up with my bad photoshopping and failure to link slurls. =P The time has come to close the door on the chapter of my SLife that was Bunny Blindside and the Bunny Girl blog. My Flickr […]

it’s snowing…

Gwen Stefani – Early Winter Somewhere. I’m sure of it! But snow is something I know little to nothing about! Unlike SKINS about which I know a lot! SEGUE!!! AMAZING!!!!! +200 Points!!! Proceed to next level, warrior!!!!! Hah. Anyway, this new skin from Illusory (the new brand from the creator of much loved Atomic) is […]

anchors away!

Hey y’all! =P Just a quickie tonight because my brain is fried and stuff. Fabulous new releases from Truth today and the adorable Anchored Frock from Whippet & Buck (available exclusively at their LeLook location)! I feel quite patriotic. And only a week past Veteran’s Day. *salute* Hair – Truth | Skin – &Bean | […]

back to basics

Hi there! So based on my traffic and the searches used to find my blog lately… I gather I upset rather more people than anticipated by my abrupt plurk departure combined with over-dramatic blog post the other night. I feel terrible about it. I am a fairly contained person, typically. Compartmentalized, private. It was wrong […]

falls apart

Deanna Carter – What Makes You Stay I like this outfit. Skin – Pink Fuel | Hair – Lamb | Jacket & Dress – JANE | Socks – Pig | Shoes – Lelutka | Poses – Glitterati emo crap deleted because it was selfish and hurtful and pointless. i’m a shit, sorry. carry on!

naughty slacker!

Is me. Feast your ears on Xtina being extra naughty while you peruse this! Did you guys hear that Christina Aguilera is starring in a MOVIE with CHER!!! Yes!! It’s called burlesque, and since I adore burlesque, Xtina, musicals, and movies about dancing – well you can bet your sweet bippy I will be there […]